• Poles love to dine out, especially with their friends and families. In Poland, you can find a huge variety of restaurants with cuisines from all around the world. Today we will help you to try them all!
  • What is our purpose and why am I in ESN? How did I begin my adventure and what did it give me? So many people, so many stories, but they all began the same way...
  • No matter where you come from, you will have an impression of what life in Poland will be like and how Polish people will behave…
  • Bartek Seidel in 6-9.10 represents us in Brussels for Business and Finance Conference. See what he says about the financiers’ meeting ESN AISBL!
  • Each year our sections organize hundreds of events for Erasmus students. As ESN Poland we award the best ones. Let's meet the winner of 2015/2016!