• You probably heard somewhere the phrase: “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. But now it’s not time for revenge. Now it’s time to learn some new words connected with… HUMAN BODY!
  • The weather in Poland is whimsical. Because of that we use to get sick quite often. ESN Poland has a pleasure to help you with a visit in a doctor’s office.
  • Christmas is a time of family atmosphere, presents and joy. In every country, however, it's celebrated differently. Let's find out how is it in Poland!
  • You are in Poland probably because of Erasmus+ Exchange program. You spend huge part of your time at the University which receives you. This is the reason why you should know some useful words and phrases from “At the University” unit :)
  • St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated at 30th of November all over the world, especially in Scotland as Saint Andrew is officially consider to be the patron saint of this country. In Poland the celebration is slightly different, has nothing to do with Scottish r