Even the shortest walk through the city means an opportunity to capture atmospheric tenements or a colorful sky in the frame? Or maybe at meetings with friends you are most likely to be a photographer? It doesn't matter if you use a professional reflex camera, mobile phone or just an old camera found at a vintage store. If photography is an inseparable part of your everyday life, Discover Europe suits you perfectly!


Discover Europe is a photo contest for students organized by the Erasmus Student Network and supported by Foundation for the Development of the Education System. Its aim is to promote European integration, establish an international dialogue and create space for students to present their photographic talent to a wider audience.


Competition categories

  • Discover People, whose main topic are the people of Europe
  • Discover Nature, that is capturing the natural beauty of the European continent
  • Discover Architecture, which aim is to capture unique places in Europe



Every year, the jury consists of professionals which specialize in various types of photography. Their experience allows them to select the most creative photos in each contest category. Our jurors were composed of, among others: Aleksander Małachowski (Hashtagalek), Weronika Mliczewska and Maciej Kornacki.


17th edition of Discover Europe

The seventeenth edition of Discover Europe was very successful - despite the difficulties associated with the coronavirus and many restrictions, as many as 3,167 works were submitted during the last edition of the Project!


2020 Results:



1. Jan Menażyk – „Citizen"

2. Zuzanna Gollnau – „Barcelona"

3. Bartosz Kucharski – „Przeszłość i przyszłość"



1. Damian Kruk - "Wiek to tylko liczba - Babcia"
2. Michał Słotwiński (untitled)
3. Martyna Chmura - "Simple"


1. Michał Butkiewicz – „Looking down at us”
2. Jacek Przeworski - „Center”
3. Dominika Koszowska – „Jak liście”