Settlement of the mobility - studies

The most important formalities when settling Erasmus+ studies are:

  • Learning Agreement for Studies (LAS) - part After Mobility, signed by a foreign university,

  • Confirmation of Stay containing the exact dates of the student's stay at the foreign university (issued by the foreign university),

  • Transcript of Records - a document containing the subjects and courses that the student pursued abroad along with the corresponding number of ECTS credits (also issued by a foreign university),

  • a language test on the Online Linguistic Support platform, sent with an individual link for each student to check the language level determined by the LAS at the end of the mobility period,

  • Mobility Tool survey concerning the outcomes and student’s view on mobility.

In addition, the home university may ask for other types of documents: a report or a presentation about mobility. All requirements regarding the settlement of the mobility period should be included in the contract signed before the mobility.


Settlement of the mobility - internships

When settling a foreign mobility under the Erasmus+ program for internships, the most important document is the Learning Agreement for Traineeships (LAT), part After Mobility, signed by the foreign employer. Additionally, a language test must be completed on the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) platform, which checks the language level at the end of the mobility period (each student receives an individual link to the test). Another element necessary to complete the internship is filling in the questionnaire about the stay abroad in the Mobility Tool system.

It may happen that the sending university will require additional documents, such as a detailed internship report, internship diary or a presentation about the trip. These kinds of additional requirements are always specified in the contract signed before the mobility.


And if you cannot find yourself in Poland after returning from Erasmus...

...and you feel lost mostly because you miss your international friends and atmosphere of foreign students discovering a new country, we have two suggestions for you!

As ESN Poland, we offer you:

  1. Joining the ESN section at your university - engaging in the life of the section, organizing cultural, sports and integration events that involve the life of local society and trips for foreign students, but also promoting mobility among university students. In the section you will find the activities you feel good in, the most important thing is a positive attitude and willingness to get involved. Recruitment takes place most commonly in October/November and March/April

  2. Joining the Mentor/Buddy program, that is, in practice, looking after foreign students who come to Poland on Erasmus+ studies and internships, to implement projects at Polish universities or for the full period of study. Mentor/Buddy is the first contact person for students from other countries and helps with current matters, e.g. accommodation in dormitories, finding the classrooms on the campus, obtaining a monthly ticket for public transport. He/she also familiarizes with Polish customs and traditions. It is common that the acquaintance of Mentors/Buddy and foreign students turns into friendship for many years. You can read more about the program here (click)! Recruitment takes place most commonly in July/August and January/February.


If you are interested in joining us, in everyday contact with foreign students and looking after them, you want to develop your event organization skills and your creativity, join us!

and recruit for the largest student organization in Poland!