Discover Polish Cities with Jakdojade - Tricity


Can you name three cities that form the so-called Tricity (in Polish Trójmiasto)? Any thoughts? If your answer is yes - well done! If not, let us give you a hand! Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia - those are the cities that are part of the metropolitan area located on the Baltic Sea coast in northern Poland.


A bit of everything

The cities are very different from each other in many aspects. That is why everyone can find there something to enjoy themselves. A charming, colourful old town full of history - Gdańsk is calling for your attention; modern landscapes, skyscrapers - Gdynia is your pick; nightlife and long walks on the beach - Sopot hit the bull’s eye!


How to move around Tricity

Even though the places you want to visit may be quite distant from each other, the municipal public transport works very well. There are a lot of bus, tram and trolleybus lines within each city. The most convenient way to move between the cities is a rail system, called SKM. It includes not only Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, but also many other cities and villages around, like Rumia, Reda and Wejherowo.


Jakdojade comes to the rescue 

It may seem overwhelming at the beginning, but moving around Tricity is actually relatively easy if you use the right apps that will help you find your way through the city. Jakdojade will be your great ally. It is a very simple, intuitive mobile app that enables you to find the way from point A to point B that will be the most comfortable for you.

You can easily adjust the route according to your preferences. For instance, you can choose between three types of connections: convenient, fast or optimal; you can also avoid certain lines or narrow your search to low-floor vehicles only. What is more, you can buy your tickets directly in the app.

Now that you know how to simplify your life, choose the stop, address or location you want to reach and let the journey begin!


Old Town in Gdańsk

If you start your visit to Gdańsk, first of all, you should head to the old town. It is the oldest part of the city with many monuments worth seeing. Brama Wyżynna is the most convenient bus/tram stop to get off. The Upland Gate (Brama Wyżynna) is the start of the Royal Route. Take a moment to take a closer look at its architectonic details. Strolling over Długa Street, you can admire beautiful houses and the most famous monuments, like Neptune Fountain, Court of Artus and the Town Hall. At the end of the street, you will find the Green Gate. Formerly a formal residence of Polish monarchs nowadays is managed by the Polish National Museum.

Długa Street


Neptune Fountain


Then, rambling along Motława may be a good idea. You can find interesting sites on both banks, like the famous Crane, Ferris wheel or Polish Baltic Philharmonic with a very instagrammable Gdańsk inscription next to it. There are also many museums, including the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, located in granaries on the opposite side of Motława, on Ołowianka island.

The Gdańsk Crane


Listing all the beautiful places you have to see in the old town is virtually impossible. Simply let yourself wander and find some hidden gems. However, if we were to give you the last must-see, we would definitely say: visit St. Mary’s Church. It is one of the largest brick churches in the world. If you’re a fan of viewpoints, you can climb up the church’s tower. If you’re ready to face up 412 stairs, the view will definitely compensate for your struggle.


The modern face of Gdańsk

For fans of more modern architecture, the Przymorze quarter may be worth visiting. Starting from the Brama Wyżynna tram stop take tram number 8 towards Jelitkowo or tram 2 towards Oliwa and take off at the Bora-Komorowskiego stop. You will find yourself right next to the longest Falowiec in Poland. What is a Falowiec? It is a long wavy-shaped block of flats (in Polish fala means wave) built in the late 1960s and 1970s. This particular one has 11 stores, 4 segments, 16 staircases, 1792 flats, and a length of around 850m! Apart from this one, there are 6 more of them in this quarter and another one in Nowy Port quarter. Interestingly, they are deck-access blocks (the front door of each flat opens to a continuous inset balcony), which is not common in Polish architecture.

Falowiec, the longest building in Poland


What else to do in Gdańsk?

Gdańsk is not only about architecture. It is also a very green city with great parks where you can take a rest and enjoy nature. Oliwa Park (Park Oliwski) is the most famous among them. Going there from the city centre is quite easy: there is a direct tram number 6 going to Jelitkowo. You can catch it at the Brama Wyżynna stop and get off after around 30 minutes at the Obrońców Westerplatte stop. The Oliwa Park covers an area of over 11ha. It is not only a place full of natural wonders, like tunnel-shaped beeches forming the “Bukowa Aleja”, ponds or a little waterfall. There is also the Abbot’s Palace, Oliwa Cathedral where organ concerts are held, as well as museums. Oliwa Park is beautiful not only during warm months. In the winter you can admire the illuminations.

Oliwa Park


Next stop - Sopot

Heading further north, you will reach the next city - Sopot. It is only a 5 minutes ride by train (SKM) from the Gdańsk Oliwa stop to Sopot. The most famous spot is definitely Sopot Pier (Molo Sopot). To reach it, take a walk along Bohtaerów Monte Cassino Street (commonly called “Monciak”) - the main promenade in Sopot, full of restaurants, coffeehouses and shops. Around halfway down the street, you will pass the Crooked House. Don’t miss it - this example of contemporary architecture is probably the most often photographed place in the city!

Sopot Pier


At the end of Monciak, right before entering the Pier, you can spot a lighthouse. It is an unusual building, as originally it was a chimney stack designed in a way to embellish the surroundings. The lighthouse with its viewpoint is open to tourists. The Sopot Pier is one of Sopot’s signature features. Its length of 511.5 metres makes it the longest wooden pier in Europe.

Lighthouse in Sopot


Sopot is also known for its sandy beaches that attract water enthusiasts and sunbathers. If you are a fan of water sports, there are many beach rental companies that can provide you with the equipment needed to spend your time actively.

If you’re a night owl, you may also be interested in discovering Sopot after dark. Sopot is known for its crazy parties! Monciak at night turns into a kingdom of lights and music. Where do the crowds head to? There are many bars, clubs and pubs to choose from. Cheap beer or fancy cocktails? It’s up to you. And don’t worry, Sopot has it all!


Last but not least…

Gdynia is definitely the most modern city in Tricity. It was not before the 1920s that Gdynia started to develop, becoming a major seaport city in Poland. A few years ago, it was chosen as Poland’s best city to live in and topped the national rankings in the category of “general quality of life”. Sounds interesting? Let’s see what Gdynia has to offer!

Getting to Gdynia is as easy as anywhere else around Tricity - the fastest way is definitely SKM. Arriving at Gdynia Główna station, you will find yourself near the city centre. The main axis is built around 10 Lutego Street, where you can admire great examples of modernist architecture, such as the Office building of the Social Insurance Institution or BGK housing complex. Other known modern buildings, like Gdynia District Court or Gdynia City Hall, are located elsewhere, but in the city centre everything is within walking distance.

BGK Housing Complex


As Gdynia is a seaside city, it also has a nice pier to stroll along (the South Pier). In the harbour, there are two anchored museum ships: the destroyer ORP Błyskawica (Lightning) which served in the Polish Navy during WWII and is the oldest preserved destroyer in the world, and the tall ship frigate Dar Pomorza (Gift of Pomerania) which is a part of the collection of National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk. On the South Pier, you will also find the Gdynia Aquarium.

Dar Pomorza


Are you convinced yet?

Tricity has definitely a lot to offer. It is impossible to even mention all the places worth visiting. But definitely, if you have a few days to spare, spending your holidays in Tricity won’t be a waste of time! And remember, getting lost in the city is fun only if you actually want it! Otherwise, don’t forget to download your jakdojade app!