To infinity… and beyond! - Mobilities out of Europe


Over the last decades, the world became significantly more connected. There is almost no place left that would be impossible to reach (it can be quite challenging in some cases, though!). Whether you are a graduate, or still a university/high school student, it is almost certain that you have heard at least once about a mobility programme. Think about it: did any of your friends or relatives participate in an exchange programme? Or maybe you did it yourself? It is an opportunity not to be missed!



New budget, new possibilities

No wonder the European Union almost doubled the budget for the Erasmus+ programme: it has increased from €14.7 billion allocated to the Erasmus+ 2014-2020 programme to €26.2 billion for the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 programme. Erasmus+ is probably the most known exchange programme across Europe. It gives an opportunity for mobility and cooperation in school education, higher education, adult education, as well as vocational education and training. It was established in 1987 and, initially, only the European countries participated. So, for those of you who wonder - is there any opportunity to go on an exchange somewhere further than Europe? The answer is YES! So, go grab your suitcase, maybe you will find something perfect for you!


Erasmus+ around the world


The Erasmus+ programme, which has just turned 35 this year, has evolved a lot since it was first launched. It is now not only European-countries-oriented, but since 2014 it offers the possibility of a worldwide exchange! The Key Action 107 (also called KA 107) aims at extending the well-known Erasmus+ mobility to other corners of the world. Well, if you have heard about Erasmus+ programme and now are looking for something familiar, but not necessarily around Europe - here’s something for you! This programme is limited to the higher education sector. The KA 107 is based on the same principles as the European Erasmus+ programme. Each university can sign a contract with any other partner university around the world that has been approved upon application by the EU Commission, so the possibilities are practically countless.


Erasmus+ is not everything!

Although Erasmus+ programme may be the most known, it most definitely is not the only one offering an international exchange experience. The Fulbright Program supports Polish-American academic and cultural exchange since 1959. It provides students, scholars, teachers, professionals, scientists and artists with grants that allow them to go to the U.S. and work/study there. This programme is considered very prestigious and operates in 155 countries.  




Mobility for everyone   

Most of the mobility programs focus on young people. But even if you have already graduated, does it mean that you have no option to go study abroad? Of course NOT! Education First (EF) was founded in 1965 in Sweden and is now connecting people in over 100 countries/regions around the world! EF offers paid language programmes for people in different age ranges. Are you smiling now because you started to picture your stay in your dream country? Learning a new language or just polishing the one you already know in some charming environment? Do not hesitate to check if they have what you are looking for!

Volunteering? Why not!

What is more, studying is not the only opportunity to go abroad! You may as well be a volunteer or a worker for non-profit organisations, such as CIEE or AFS. The perfect combination - you will get to travel, meet some amazing people, and contribute to facilitating new generations making their first step into the world.


Seize the opportunity

The world may have become easier to travel around, but it has not become a less interesting place. Mobilities abroad are an unrepeatable occasion to learn something new and create some lifetime memories. Seeing things from a different perspective makes us more understanding and helps us create a better world. 



Written by: Monika Latos, PR Committee of ESN Poland